Strategic Campaigns Workshop

Strategic Campaigns Workshop


The Strategic Campaigns Workshop guides participants through a series of steps to create a comprehensive campaign plan.

The Strategic Campaigns Workshop is a five-day intensive training for members and staff of unions, worker associations, worker centers, and community organizations that are embarking on, or in the midst of, strategic campaigns.

Participants will be guided through a series of steps to create a comprehensive campaign plan. The workshop will build participants’ ability to:

  • move a campaign forward and build the organization;
  • improve member participation;
  • analyze power dynamics;
  • utilize strategies that build on the strengths of the organization and consider the weaknesses of key players;
  • develop a unifying theme that the public can support;
  • create a campaign plan with timeline and benchmarks; and
  • practice how to revise the campaign plan as events unfold.

The roles of research, external communications, strategic partnerships and membership development will be examined.

We encourage organizations to send two or more people who are working together on a campaign. Organizations or coalitions who have common goals, such as unions involved in a joint campaign or unions and community organizations who seek to strengthen ties, are invited to send representatives from each organization who will work together in a team.

A well-balanced team will consist of individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the workers’ issues and information on the key players in the campaign. Planning teams with a diversity of participants (such as organizers, researchers, member leaders, field representatives and business agents, communications specialists, political coordinators and community organizers) will deepen their understanding of the way these roles enhance the campaign and will get practice working together in this capacity.

Past participants have described the workshop as “a much needed space to think through how to plan a campaign. Experts share their expertise on a range of aspects related to a campaign that allowed me to think more deliberately about our work.”

The workshop will be led by Justin McBride of the AFL-CIO and Karen Orlando from the Labor Center.

The week-long session will also include other well-known labor and worker center organizers and facilitators.